• Image of Marina Stone Necklace
  • Image of Marina Stone Necklace

The Marina Stone Necklace helps heighten your awareness which helps release your spiritual purpose in life

Formally known as the Lapis Lazuli, this deep blue stone featuring bright blue aspects and tiny glitter specs is associated with the third eye chakra, the energy centre which helps process knowledge, intuition and wisdom.

When this chakra is cleansed and activated, your energy body will benefit from clear thinking and better decision-making in your everyday life.

Unlike most other gem materials, Lapis Lazuli is not a mineral. Instead, it is a rock composed of multiple minerals. The blue color of Lapis Lazuli is mainly derived from the presence of lazurite, a blue silicate mineral of the sodalite group

Every stone necklace comes with a sterling silver Kiki Tag.

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Vegan Black Leather Cord
Vegan White Leather Cord

Shipping and handling- (includes a reusable linen pouch for all healing stone necklaces)

Australia wide: $4.00

Worldwide Shipping: $6.00