Looking after your healing stone necklaces

Our necklaces are made with vegan leather necklace cords and sterling silver pendants.

To get the best wear out of your healing stone necklaces, please refrain from swimming with them on and intense workouts at the gym.

Similar to humans, Healing Stones and Crystals require a certain level of care and cleanliness.

We recommend keeping a consistent cleansing routine with your crystals, whilst they are assisting us with earthly vibes, they are also known to absorb negative energies, they need to reset and restore their glow. 

How to cleanse:

Cold water directly on the stone, please avoid soaps and detergents as these are 100% developed from natural minerals.

Allow to dry on natural fabric in the sunlight, this provides the necklace with sunlight charging, this is best used with our Quartz and pure stone necklaces.

Our personal favourite under the moonlight. Cleansing crystals during a full moon removes any toxins from your pendants, this can offer a cleansing cycle best fitted for our Opalites and Agates.